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Established in 2018, the primary mission of The Manchester Association of Police K-9’s (MAPK-9) is to provide financial assistance for the proper retirement care of Manchester Police K-9’s as well as burial and memorial of fallen K-9’s. MAPK-9 is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and registered Charitable Organization with the State of New Hampshire.​

Manchester Police K-9’s embody the true meaning of loyalty, duty and selfless service. Our     K-9’s dedicate their lives to the service of the Citizens of Manchester. These four-legged officers are deployed into some of the most dangerous situations that any police officer would want to face, and do so repeatedly over the course of their careers. 

The K-9’s selfless service comes at a cost.  During many years of duty our K-9’s are subject to serious injuries, violent assaults, accidents, strains, tears, traumatic stress and constant wear and tear on their body that follow them into their retirement years.​

Upon their retirement, the handler and their family accept full financial responsibility for the K-9 and their care. The mission of MAPK-9 is to help provide financial support to our retired K-9’s so they can live a well-deserved, healthy and enjoyable retirement.​

MAPK-9 gladly accepts donations that will be used to support and care our K-9 heroes.  Donations are welcomed through our website at  Please follow us on Facebook (Manchester Association of Police K9’s) and Instagram (@mapk9603).  


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